i need help..

i have my new sansa fuze which is 3weeks old and i am new here. I have read the messages posted here and i am wondering what is a firmware? is this a program so i can store songs to my mp3 player. I am using Rhapsody now, is it ok? Thank YOU!

I believe the Firmware in your Fuze is like your OS in your computer! Rhapsody is fine if that’s what you like!! My wife and i rip our CD’s to Mp3’s and just use them… We have a 700 to 800 hundred CD collection to choose from…We just use windows media player 11… Welcome aboard and enjoy you Fuze!  My wife and I both have one and we love ours! George

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Firmware is the software responsible for making the Fuze do what he does, like displaying/navigating the menu and playing songs. A firmware update usually is issued for bug-fixing (preventing the player from misbehaving) and to add new features.

The new firmware adds quite a few new features and improvements here and there. So I would definitally give it a shot and update to the latest firmware. Updating is very easy with SanDisks update program. If you want to update, make sure your player is at least at 50% battery capacity and note, that the ratings you can give to your audio files will be gone after the update - as far as I can tell, nothing else is deleted (besides the old firmware) and you should be able to normally use the player right after the update.

ok.thanks for the information you gave me. Yes I definitely enjoying my new sansa fuze. I have tried using ipod but even if i took good care of it…it didnt last long…so i decided to buy a new one. well, anyway… what do you suggest for me to use? is it the firmware or the Rhapsody i am using right now? another thing, is that firmware you’re talking about is the same with ITUNES of apple ipod? Thank you so much…I’m still not familiar with the software needed for my sansa fuze. All i know is I used the Rhapsody to store music,photos and videos for my sansa.Thank you again…

oh…another thing…what do you mean “update”? is it updating my sansa fuze with new songs? does it really need to be 50% of the battery before I can add songs to my sansa?thanks again…

The “firmware” is the name of any software embedded on an electronic device (here, the fuze).

And like all software, that could be improved (contrary to the hardware, the fuze player).

And that’s what the sansa team have done just few days ago…

This brings some knew features and correct some bugs! Like you can see in the annoucement.

So, if you want you can UPRGADE the firmware that is already in the fuze by the new one.

And because upgrading MUST not be interuppted (or your fuze will be broken), it’s recommended to have a good level of battery (that’s why the sansa team recommended half full at leat).

The different step are described in the first post of other thread where you post a message.

If you need some other informations…

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