Firmware upgrade question

Hi all, 

Just got a FUZE+ to replace my Fuze and I HATE IT!!! I find the interface hard to use - hoping the firmware upgrade will fix that. The touch is either too sensetive or not. I move one way and it does another. Maybe there should be a way to calibrate touch to set sensitivity. My old palm had that and my HTC phone has that. 

I miss being able to move from song to song without looking at the player. Now I need to look to make sure I am pressing in the right place. I also I REALLY MISS FOLDER VIEW!! ok enough ranting.

I acutally wanted to know the firmware that came on it was 1.24 - if I upgrade to 1.30 - will that include all the updates in the middle or do I need to do the firmware upgrade for each one? Like do I need to install 27, and then 29 and then 30?


Should be ok without doing the intermediates.

Keep asking for folders on the feature request and you never know.

Each new firmware is a complete replacement for all previous versions. There’s no need to install each intermediate version between the original and the newest.