Fuze Firmware Update

I am really impressed with the Fuze.  It is a great player with all the features I look for, at a great price, and with great sound.   :smiley:

However, there is always a wish list, so here is mine (for the next firmware version?):

  1. There appears to be a song limit in the 4000 range which needs to be corrected to fully use the microSDHC capability.  This is my highest priority request as I cannot fully access all the songs I have in my 4GB microsdhc card.  If this was corrected, I would be satisfied.
  2. I would prefer a simple directory structure as an option.  This might be provided by Rockbox, but why not just provide it?
  3. I have put together playlists with no problem, but if there is a 50 song limit, this could be increased.  Also, playlists spanning the Fuze and microSd card is required if that is not available now.
  4. I like the GoList feature.  If this could be expanded to include a selection of several playlists for adding and deleting it would be great.  I like compilations and could save much memory space by generating playlists rather then having duplicate songs in different albums/compilation titles.
  5. I would really like a way to quickly go to the desired artist in the artist menu.  As a suggestion, an alphanumeric index could be used as the kickoff via menu selection and probably the center button.  
  6. When going to the music options menu while listening to a song, I would like to be able to press a key to go back to the playing song display without waiting for the timeout.
  7. I know that this is a hardware issue, but a line out equivalent function via the headphone jack or base connector would be of great use…ideally firmware selectable.  As an alternate, an intermediate base plugin device could provide this matching function and others (if available, I would apprecite a link to follow up).  
  8. I would like the clock display to display the date as a selectable option.
  9. The equalizer is great.  Additonal functions would be useful; effects, baseboost , expander or similar, and automatic gain leveler. 
  10. I use the Fuze for audio only and I do not wish to see a tiny jpeg for each song or album…it takes up valuable space on the display and slows down the update.  I would prefer that this could be disabled by an option selection and allow better use of the display for song and album info…perhaps the scrolling text could be avoided in many cases.  The Fuze screen is in landscape format as opposed to the E200 series which could allow access to much more information on the screen if this feature was developed.
  11. To be able to use picture/jpeg as a background would be nice, but is of no real use for me.
  12. When playing videos, while I like the bookmark feature, it would be very copnvenient to be able to fast forward manually either by displaying an accelerated video or simply by time.
  13. I would like to be able to choose from a selection of text fonts and sizes if smaller characters are legible.  This would be very useful.
  14. An address book as an option to be generated on and copied from the computer would be useful. 
  15. The Sandisk line of products feature a microsdhc slot which I really like (if my first item is addressed).  As a suggestion for future hardware designs, why not take this a step further and have a similar but larger slot for the battery?  

I have a little design/marketting experience and I agree with many others that the Fuze has a great opportunity to position itself as a better product then the ipod through a better and broader feature selection.  I hope that some of the items I have listed will make their way to the design team for consideration.