Anyone know when the next firmware is released?

Just getting a little antsy waiting for a fix.  I’m hoping the audiobook and clock timekeeping issues are going to be fixed soon.  I’m trying to be patient, I know you’re working on it but summer  is here and I want to have friendly audiobooks for when I’m outside. 

Hugs and kisses to all :slight_smile:


I’m ansy too.  In fact I’m planning on buying a different player because this one is simply not fitting my needs.  A firmware update that fixes a few things would help convince me to keep it.

I think some of the Gurus and moderators will reply saying simply “Sandisk doesn’t announce firmware updates.  It will be released whenever they are ready.  Just be patient.”

Other Gurus and moderators have said that Sandisk representatives sometimes check these forums to see what issues need to be addressed the most. 

I agree with the second line of thinking, so I encourage everyone who is seriously frustrated by this device and wants a firmware update to post about it.  It might help motivate them to speed things along.

One poster on these forums mentioned that he was on the phone with tech support and mentioned a specific problem that would be fixed in the next firmware update (something about microSD cards I think).  This is encouraging because I doubt they would make such a promise unless they had it at least partially fixed in a new firmware they just haven’t released.  That was over a month ago though.

Frustratin’ - isn’t it. I am (naively?) hoping the long wait means a whole bunch of issues will be fixed.

Alternatively - Kill the Plus for good, and bring out a proper successor to the View of Fuze (faster, higher capacity (32G), real, buttons!

@brush wrote:

Frustratin’ - isn’t it. I am (naively?) hoping the long wait means a whole bunch of issues will be fixed.


The “long wait” doesn’t mean anything at all. For actively supported models, the interval between updates is  approx. 3 months (sometimes more often at the beginning of a model’s product life, or an update introduces a new bug that needs to be squashed quickly). It’s been about that long since the last update, so we may see another one very soon. Or not.

Thanks to those who replied.  All I want to do is be able to play audiobooks without all the hassle.  I’m so jealous of my friend’s mp3 player.  She has multiple audiobooks and she can easily navigate and start playing right where she left off in whatever book she wants.  Also she can go to music and then come back without scrolling through 500+ tracks of audiobook files to find where she left off.  It seriously takes me 10 minutes sometimes to find where I left off because the dang player thinks that every track in the audiobook is an audiobook itself.  So frustrating.  I wish I felt more love coming from Sandisk.  I don’t hardly have any money and this was a real nice treat for myself and now it’s turned into more work than it seems it’s worth.  I would sure like to feel loved by Sandisk. 

Trying to stay Positive.

Hugs and Kisses to all. :slight_smile:


The next firmware should correct 80% of the problems that are reported to wash the face of the product.
I always buy and recommend Sandisk products, but honestly, the Fuze + ■■■■■.

Someone must have an idea when an update is due??


But I doubt anyone else does, not even the firmware developers working on it. It’s not like there’s one person working on it; there’s a team. They all have their individual assignments and as code is re-written, implemented and tested, then somtimes that ‘fix’ or change interferes with another aspect of the operation.

Once they ‘think’ they have it where they want it to be, then it goes through still more vigorous testing until finally it’s ready for release. There’s no use in speculating or asking repeatedly when it’s going to come out. When it’s ready, we’ll be the first to know here on the forum. :wink:


The lastest firmware update was just released about half an hour ago.  Update manually.  Usually Sandisk releases the update on the forum first before a full release.  Most likely the Sandisk Updater will not detect any new updates yet.

Just used the updater. No problem.

@njones wrote:

Just used the updater. No problem.

Cool.  Then there wouldn’t be a delay for anyone who wants the lastest version.