How long should you put up with the fuze+ before giving up

I’ve read enough posts on the fuze+ to know that quite a few people have given up on the fuze+ already.

Several have returned it presumably as “not fit for purpose” or “not as advertised”, all of which can be considered true.

I’ve read the reviews on Amazon and have seen quite a few  “do not buy this product” by disgruntled customers.

How long is reasonable before you call it a day.

No doubt there will be plenty who’re not techy who’re not reading this forum and don’t know/care about the firmware upgrades and have their shiney new device already languishing in a drawer somewhere.

I don’t know what sales are like but this is certainly a headache for SanDisk. Even if they release a new version of the firmware tomorrow which solves all the issues the bad press is out there and it will take a long time for the positive aspects to filter through.

I’ve had mine 5 months (I got it for my birthday last year).

In about another 4 months I’ll be thinking about what I want for my birthday this year.

So in answer to my own question. 9 months

If SanDisk haven’t sorted out all the problems in 9 months, i’m going to give up on the product.

It’s bad enough investing the money in something that doesn’t work as it should,  but we’ve all invested a lot of time.

The time spent cursing as an unlocked plus has lost your place and randomly jumped somewhere else.

The time spent scrolling though 100s of artists to get to ZZ Top

The time spent scrolling to get to a little listened to album called Zazu

The time spent swiping away trying to get it to unlock

The time spent waiting for it to boot and load your card

The time spent on this forum looking for answers

Enough is enough.

For me. I’ll stick with it until Creative stops with their propriety video format, then I’ll get a Zen. The only problems I’ve had is that a device that’s $90 can scratch at random so easily, and the touch pad is sometimes a bit to sensitive. I’ve never had trouble unlocking with the old firmware. In pocket or on purpose. My music fits on the internal memory so no sluggish library. Honestly the only real problem I have is the fact the radio volume won’t go all the way to just above mute.