New Firmware Update

Does anyone know when the next firmware update for the Sansa Fuze+ is expected to be released and what features are to be included?

They definitely need to include a better lock system for the device (using top power button).

The last one was only 2 weeks ago. With a lot of electronic companies shutting down for the holidays, I wouldn’t expect the next one for a while.

Normally SanDisk releases them about every 3 months or so. Granted, this is a brand-new player, so sometimes they’ll push up the schedule while working out the kinks, but I still wouldn’t get overly-anxious.

I have had my player for less than a month and there have been 3 firmware updates so far.  So I wonder if maybe they rushed to get it to market by Christmas?  Much like Microsoft “We’ll fix the problems as they are found.”

I do wish they would fix the jumpy/slow touch pad.  It irritates the mess out of me when you are trying to get to a song and the thing skips all the way to the end or takes forever to move.  Overall a good player, just could have been better.

If Sandisk are to release a product, they definitely should be listening to what paying customers are complaining about or suggesting. Especially if most customers are looking to return their products because of major flaws in product design and capabilities. Seeing as they just released their product, I think it is very important that they look at these forums, see what customers are complaints or suggestions are, and quickly implement firmware updates.

I bought mine because I liked the look of it and the fact you could expand the memory, which you can’t on an ipod.  But now I am beginning to think I should have gone with one of the other mp3 players on the market.

To Mandysdad,

I don’t think you should give up on the player just yet, voice your problems to the community and admins, and hopefully they’ll fix some of your problems.