Schedule on Firmware Update

If there are any moderators here that are connected with the company, I have a request.

Please give some idea of scheduling for a firmware update, when and what it will fix.  I realize you folks have a lot of fish to fry, but I feel like I have no notion of when my player will be able to recognize greater than 1000 songs. 

I bought your player, bought a Sandisk 2g SD card, all with the intent of loading and playing about 1500 wma tunes.

For all intents and purposes based on your adverts, this player should be able to do this.  I have contacted tech support, and they say that it will be fixed in a firmware update.  However, no date was specified.

It has been several months now, and I feel like the perverbial mushroom.

Thank you.

While i am not a moderator - it does seem like from past experience that sandisk never really reveals any information regarding when the next firmware update is expected.  They dont have a page counting down to when the next firmware release expected… OR DO THEY!?  just kidding, they dont… i looked!

With all of the newer players coming onto the Sansa line, it makes me wonder whether or not Sandisk has sort of “ditched” the Express.
Sigh, if so, I’ll go get the View that just came out. Seems like a good iPod killer. Especially the sound since the iPods never fixed that bass amp problem.

the sansa view DOES look very promising… I hope it is the ipod killer.  The clip to a smaller degree (GET IT? SMALLER?!)