Sansa Fuze+ Firmware 02.37.01

Firmware is the software code that powers your Fuze+.  You can think of it as the operating system.  SanDisk actively and periodically updates the capabilities, functionality, and reliability of the Firmware.  For an optimal experience with your Fuze+, SanDisk recommends that you update your Firmware with each new release.  It’s fast, easy, and free!

SanDisk has just released  firmware version 02.37.01 for the Sansa Fuze+. Download links and the release notes are available below.

Windows Users can Connect the device in any Mode and follow the instructions below.

Mac and Linux users can connect their Fuze in MSC or Auto Detect mode and follow the instructions below. 

MSC mode instructions:

  • Turn on the Fuze+
  • Navigate to  Settings  on the menu of the device itself 
  • Scroll down to and select  USB Mode
  • Select  MSC

 Sansa Fuze+ Firmware 02.37.01 Download and Installation instructions

Update using the Sansa Firmware Updater

For Sansa Firmware Updater - Click here to download 

Manual Firmware Update  (Download and Instructions)

Manual Firmware Update (All Regions) - Click here to download

All languages are now in one firmware version. After firmware update you will need to select your Language and Region preference.

• Remove any external card from the Fuze+ before performing firmware update

• Ensure your battery is > 50% full. 

• Plug in your Sansa Fuze+ to your computer. 

• Extract the  file from the .zip file you just downloaded into a folder on your computer.

• Once extracted, drag the file to the root directory of your Sansa Fuze+. 

• Disconnect the Sansa Fuze+ and let the firmware update begin. 

• Once it finally finishes doing its update, it will turn itself off. 

• Turn the Fuze+ on, Select your language and region preference 

• Once its back to the main menu, head to “Settings” >  “Info”, and verify the “Version” is now 02.37.01"x".

  Sansa Fuze+ Firmware 02.37.01 Release Notes

This new firmware has various bug fixes, including key fixes listed below, as well as enhancements. Upon completion of the firmware upgrade, the device will turn off; power on the device to complete the upgrade process.  If the device does not initiate or complete, press & hold the Power switch for 15 seconds to reset the device and then press and hold power button again to restart. 


  • Change the lock to press the power button
  • Add press and hold on any song in the list view or while in the play screen to add song to the Go List
  • Show the date next to the word Date: under Settings
  • The format of the date setting will change according to region North America: MM/DD/YY; all other regions: DD/MM/YY
  • Press and hold of the back button will jump back to Main menu faster
  • Recorded file’s name will include extra information  FM recording:  98.2 MMDDYY (change according to region) -001  Voice recording: MMDDYY(change according to region) - 001
  • Option to display 24 hours clock
  • Change “Podcasts” to “Books” in the Main menu
  • Added * (star) next to selected item in Settings menu items
  • Change “Shuffle All” to “Shuffle List” for music playback
  • Audiobook folder added to the internal memory

Bugs Fixed

  • Device didn’t record voice/FM continuously
  • Device jumps back to Main menu when tapping on “Back” button while in Rhapsody info page under Settings menu
  • Tapping on “Back” button doesn’t stop device from popping up message “DRM license expired…”
  • Device doesn’t display correct number of songs when the total number of songs is larger than 10,000
  • Not playing back slotRadio cards for certain titles: RB, Classical and Rock 
  • Device lowers volume when turning volume up while PreGain is active
  • Show the slide show time under Settings > Photo
  • When playing podcast, it will also show under Music
  • Device displayed “DRM license not available” even though Rhapsody’s subscription is still valid
  • Stations increment for US and World regions are not correct
  • Device terminated recording as soon as device is locked
  • Volume button is not functioning after device is locked

Known Issues

  • RDS info sometimes does not display correctly on device
  • Album Artist tag in FLAC file is not properly displayed
  • Certain OGG content cannot play
  • Sluggish performance with full library
  • After firmware downgrade/upgrade, contents from internal memory is showing under card or contents under card are no longer showing up (Work Around - Remove and reinsert micro SD card)

Nice, a quick update! Several fixes many people were asking for, in addition to one that I think I was the first to request (the “Stations increment for US and World regions are not correct” thing).

Excellent.  Note that this update release is also available using the Sansa Firmware Updater.  The “podcasts” folder has been renamed to “books”.  If you click on this one, Audible, Audiobooks, and Podcasts are available separately.

I hope you like the new lock function!  The delay when adjusting volume,after locking, has been modified.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Nice fixes. Much less sluggish movement between menus. Now if we can fix the hyperactive UI and regain sorting podcasts by track number, I will have the player I was hoping for.

I’m excited they acknowledge that not all audiobooks are from audible, but mp3 audiobooks are not being sorted into folders.  It’s just one big list of all mp3 files in the audiobooks section (or tagged as audiobooks).  Is there anyone here privy to if this will change?  I want the folders like we had on Fuze.

I only other real feature still missing for my purposes is automatically highlighting last played file so resuming is easier.  It automatically highlights last played artist in the music menu, but stops there.

I am glad to see this update came so quickly though.

Time still doesn’t tick when Fuze+ is OFF. Also on a lot of my albums a little (1px) line runs across the bottom of the Album art, I am 99%  that they are 500px by 500px wide OR 280x280. What is the reconmended album art size for the fuze+?

  • Change “Podcasts” to “Books” in the Main menu

Thank you very much!

Maybe it’s just a small thing, and maybe most people don’t care, but I despise the Applish term “Podcasts” and I never understood why it was used on the Fuze+ menu in the first place. (I bought a Sansa Fuze+, not a stinking iPod. For a reason, too.) Why would anyone other than Apple use the word “Podcasts?” Apple didn’t invent “Audiobooks,” and that term is more accurate anyway.

I suppose “Books” will do, though.

Actually, you could call them “Non-Music Speech Recording Audio Files,” for all I care. Anything but “Podcasts.”

So again, thanks for changing it. :smiley:

EDIT - I withdraw 50% of my approval, because I just discovered that the vile word “Podcasts” is still on my Fuze+. You have replaced it with “Books” in the Main Menu, but the “Books” folder still contains a “Podcasts” folder.

I will not be 100% happy until all the insipid Applish lingo is removed.

@: jasonbrunelle :

My audiobooks are separated into folders. (Each folder even has its own thumbnail image too, just like the “Album” folders under Music.)

Maybe I did something different than you did…?

I think (IIRC) that I manually uploaded mine in Windows, rather than using the “Sync” feature. Did you try that…?

applish? How is “podcasts” applish? What do you want to call them? Personally I like them.

@Aelfwyn.  I just tried copying from windows instead of going through MediaMonkey or WMP.

I am having the same problem. One big list of all mp3 audiobook files and in alphabetical order.  I’m just putting them in the music section (and not tagging them audiobook or audiobooks) until I can figure this out.

It would be great if you could give me extra details about how you loaded it onto your player and the current directory structure and/or how the files are tagged.

Is anyone else having this problem?

podcast is now a universal term/name. Just accept that and move on!

pawelq: did you mean to say something?

@jasonbrunelle wrote:

@aelfwyn.  I just tried copying from windows instead of going through MediaMonkey or WMP.


Is anyone else having this problem?


I’ve got the same problem. It woul be great if book was handled as album in music.

After upgrade has ceased to work, constantly reboots help

bug with constant reboots on certain flac files STILL NOT FIXED.

Seriously, that is the second update. Sandisk says the fuze+ supports flac.

The website does not say ‘only 16bit flac encoded when the moon was full and Uranus in Aquarius’. It says:


  • Capacities**: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB
  • 2.4" bright QVGA screen (320 x 240, 30 FPS) LCD screen
  • Audio formats: MP3, WMA, Secure WMA, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, Audible, Podcasts

see? flac. Not ‘only special versions of flac’.

Constant reboot? Who the **bleep** tested that thing? How can anybody think that constant reboots are ok? How can you guys release firmwares so broken?

>pawelq: did you mean to say something?

Ups. I haven’t noticed my post did not go through.

I just wanted to thank the developers for fixing the volume-buttons-when-locked problem - very much appreciated!

There are many variables involved with FLAC that you can iron out.  What is your ripping engine?  The embedded album art or other metadata may be the source of your difficulties.  In general, using a common engine and format like Windows Media Player and mp3 / wma, Winamp, Media Monkey, etc, yields a workable file with little fuss.

I have built FLAC files using several different methods,all without incident.  Could you provide us a little detail on your particular process?  FLAC format is less of a turn-key process, and there are many variables.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

The phrase “podcast” is a well-established part of the media lexicon, understood by most of us as an audio or video file that is regularly provided for playback on your portable device.  Though the “pod” part of the word has obvious ties to the popular device, it’s well accepted as a description of the media form.

Short and sweet, understood by all.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

It would be quite important feature for me, that  Fuze+ can read and interpret the CD-Number tag in ID3v2 for sorting of the track titles. Currently if I have an album consisting of 2 CDs it mixes them that way, that first you have both first tracks, then both second tracks and so on. This is annoying.

fix multi dic albums one of 2 ways: number tracks in the correct order except the first track on the second disc is last track on first disc+1 with album name: album title OR make two “albums” album name disc 1 and album name disc 2.