Fuse or Fuse+ as Xmas gift..............

Old Fuse owner here wanted to buy the daughter a Fuse and I need help. Like me, she uses an mp3 primarily to listen to audiobooks.  I’ve read all the forum responses on bookmarking and I just want to make sure I have this straight. The feature on my old Fuze that will ask me if I want to resume listening to an audiobook IS NOT currently available on the Fuze+ -  The Fuze+ does not have a bookmarking feature that would be useful for listening to audiobooks.

Do have have this right??  Want to go with the Fuze+ but I won’t if the audiobook feature is not available or several firmware updates away.

Please advise.

bookmarking was fixed in the last firmware. it is a little different than the old fuze but it is working now. see the thread linked below for details on how bookmarking works in the fuze+. 


Appreciate the update on bookmarking. 

 Like the Fuze+, people really hated the bugs in the original Clip when it first came out (still got my little 2 gb and continues to work!)  - no bookmarks in the first couple of updates on the Clip either if I remember right.

Maybe I’ll go with the Fuze+  based on the firmware improvements Sansa techs seem good at making as they receive feedback on forums like this.

Got to play with a Fuze+ at BestBuy this morning and it does make my trusty original Fuze with the wheel look quite obsolete. But people are right, the touchpad on this thing I tried this morning was anything but user friendly the first time using it.

Thanks again