The Sansa (i have a fuze) really needs to have bookmarking.

The resume for audiobooks is NOT bookmarking.

Bookmarking means that i can save a new bookmark at any time, for any file, and that i can choose from a list of bookmarks, which bookmark i would like to return to.


Resume is NOT an adequate substitute for this.

Enough users have asked for this, that it should be obvious to Sandisk that this should be a priority for your next firmware update.

I for one, would have bought a different brand player if i had known that he fuze does not have this basic and very obvious function.

it is equally disappointing that after so many posts on this topic, and after so many reviews with similar comments, you still do not get it.

This is your definition of bookmarking. For me bookmarking is remembering my favorite things so I can listen to them at a whim, but I dont do audiobooks. It may be such a thing as the current set up is all the fuze can handle. I doubt that but I dont know for sure. The bookmarking issues have been discussed a lot since the last update. Perhaps we will see some increased support in the next one. If not then perhaps the one after that.

Think about it for a second.

When you are reading a book, what is a bookmark?  How do you use it?

Answer: you mark the page or pages that your are interested in returning to.

Now lets think of a practical example:

Suppose you are researching a subject and you need to refer back to several locations in several books. 

Now suppose that the only bookmark you are allowed to use is to mark the last page that you read in one book.

You would no doubt feel frustrated by the limitation.

The definition of bookmark is not so subjective, and it is not replaced by a simple resume function.

Your concept of a bookmark is in fact a play list. and it is completely different from a bookmark.

And for further proof, take a look at the bookmark function for this forum.  After you type your reply, there is an option menu for your post that allows you to bookmark that post.  Think! If you could only book mark the thread from where you last read it, or from the top, how useful would that be?

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I am not trying to disagree with you. All I am saying is that there may be limitations we do not know about. And that the current options have not been around that long, and that the progression to what you are asking just isnt there yet. Many others have the same issue with the current bookmarking as you do, so I believe that it will be improved at somepoint, but whether it makes the next firmware or not, I dont know.

Its nice to confirm that there is some general recognition of the problem, at least by fuze owners

I would like to see how the sandisk/sansa people respond to this.  i really think they don’t get it.

Just an FYI there is only 1 Sansa employee on here (That we know of) and that person comes on and helps out on his own time. And Because they are a developer they are kinda guarded when it comes to this stuff. But I will say you arnt the first to complain about the bookmarks. I am sure they get it. BTW have you seen a player out there that supports the kind of bookmarking you suggest? My mom is interested in a player for nothing but her Audio Bible and she needs this kind of compatablity. If you have send Me A PM about it.

The Complete Zen player has the mulitple bookmarking capabilities you’re talking about… i think up to 10.

Opps sorry… it’s called Creative Zen.

My old Creative Zen Plus did have perfectly good bookmarking but it kept freezing and had to be reset when I fast forwarded. While my new  Fuze doesn’t freeze, however, the lack of real bookmarking is a serious drawback (the resume function is not sufficient).  There must be some reasonably priced mp3 player out there which avoids both these problems.  By the way, given that users have been pleading for months with Sansa to develop bookmarking for the Fuze and there has been absolute silence from Sansa, what does this tell us about Sansa’s sensitivity to users’ concerns?

Harvey wrote:
By the way, given that users have been pleading for months with Sansa to develop bookmarking for the Fuze and there has been absolute silence from Sansa, what does this tell us about Sansa’s sensitivity to users’ concerns?

It tells us that along with 90% of all the other companies (and individuals) in the world, SanDisk too has had to downsize their operations and costs. The biggest ‘controllable’ cost a company has is payroll. So whenever business or the economy turns in a southerly direction, layoffs are the 1st ‘effect’ of that ‘cause’.

SanDisk’s development team is probably now a mere shadow of what it once was, so they just don’t physically have the manpower, nor the hours to spend on same to implement all the bells & whistles that their customers are asking for. Critical bug fixes are a necessity, features are a luxury.

For what it’s worth, I typically only listen to audiobook fiction (read it once, then get rid of it), so a bookmark *to me* is the spot I left off as I read a book sequentially, so I’m completely happy with the resume feature.  I’m not doubting others would find bookmarking useful if it were made available, but I can’t imagine a situation I’d use it, and I’m sure there’s a lot of people *like me* out there, too. 

Bookmarking falls into the “bells & whistles” catagory for me.

When you are finished listening just press the top of the wheel. This will pause the playback. The next time you turn it on it will be paused at that point. Just press the top of the wheel to resume playback. That’s a bookmark to me.

If you move to another file on your player and then return to your book, it will ask if you want to resume or start from the beginning.

I’ve become a regular audiobook listener and when it comes to the Fuze I had the same issues as described by mcn.  Bookmarking is pretty much essential, especially with audiobooks with very long tracks/chapters.  Fortunately this feature is available in Rockbox which has recently become useable on the Fuze.  It is a big bonus.  I have it set to automatically create a bookmark on stop so now I can always resume listening at the right place…unless I fell asleep.

@takla wrote:
------ so now I can always resume listening at the right place…_ unless I fell asleep _.

Sounds very familiar… :smileyvery-happy: