No bookmark!

It is astounding to me, not to mention frustrating, that a device of the sophistication of Sansa Fuze+ which is designed to play audiobooks, does not have a bookmark feature! Why would Sandisk even think of putting it on the market with such an obvious ommission?

I thought that too, so I contacted their customer service department to find out if the ability would be added in the future.  They wouldn’t say.

Then in a future firmware update they did add a cursory bookmarking feature.  It works almost as well as the ipod’s version but not nearly as well as Fuze or Clip/Clip+.

By all logic the next firmware update should be soon, but I say that based on having no knowledge of their plans.  It’s been over 3 months though and the device only works under very specific conditions, and is annoying even then.  I hope this firmware update improves the bookmarking.

Update your firmware and see what you think.

if you put a file in the audiobook or podcast folder it will bookmark the file where you leave off. the next time the file is played it will give you the option to resume playing or to start from the begining.