I am trying to find an mp3 player with a bookmarking function. What I want is a player where I can listen to Audiobook A, switch to Audiobook B, and then be able to return to where I left off in Audiobook A…and then if I want return to where I left off with Audiobook B.

FYI - I generally (almost always) listen to audiobooks where a single book is a folder with multiple mp3 files in it.

Can you tell me:

  1. If the Clip Zip can do this?

  2. If the Clip + do this?

  3. Is one better than the other for someone like me?

  4. If Sansa is not the right product for me, any other mp3 player suggestions?


  1. Yes.

  2. Yes.

  3. Don’t know you, so can’t say.

  4. See Answer #3.

Btw, there’s no need for 3 identical posts in 2 different boards. One is sufficient. :wink:

First, thanks for the answers!!

Second, sorry for the multiple posts.

Third, can you clear something up for me. While I have read multiple places about the sansa clip zip or clip + ability to bookmark, I have spoken three times with ‘live chat’ sandisk folks, and all three times they said neither the sansa clip zip or clip + could bookmark.

This was one of the conversations, but all three were virtually identicle:

ME: by bookmarking i mean that i can listen to audiobook 1 partway, switch to audiobook 2 and listen partway, then switch back to audiobook 1 and resume where i left off
SANSA: Adam, please be informed that there is no bookmark feature available on the Sansa player. However, if you are listening to the audio book, and paused it, and you turn off the Sansa player you can play the audio book from where you left.But you can not play the audio book again from the same place if you started listening to any other Audio book in between.
ME: on any of the players?
SANSA: Yes, we don’t have any bookmark feature available on any of our Sansa player’s.

Any thoughts?

Sorry, I can’t speak to anyone else’s incompetence or ignorance, only my own. :laughing:

What SanDisk Customer Service told you was 100% incorrect.  The bookmarking feature has been in the Clips for years.  

Indeed.  The bookmarking functionality of the Clips, in both Audiobooks and Podcasts, is great.

You can skip from one podcast episode to the next, and the Sansa will resume at the last listened point, in each episode. Alternately, if you navigate to each individual episode via selecting each track (by menu listing), the player will ask you if you’d like to resume or start from the beginning.


Granted, there is no “manual” bookmark option, like a “set bookmark” command, just one automatic bookmark per track in these two nodes.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: