audiobooks no longer keeping bookmarks.

I’ve got a 4GB SanDisk sansa clip plus firmware V01.02.17A.  I’ve been using it quite happily for about a year.   Primarily to listen to audio books in mp3 format.

But just last week it developed a very annoying problem.  Suddenly it quit keeping track of my location in an audiobook.  No bookmarks.  If I am 15 minutes into chapter 3 of a story and turn the player off, when I turn it back on it should go right back to where it was before.  But now it doesn’t.  When I power up, it goes back to the main menu, and if I navigate to that audio book, it has no memory of where I was listening.

I’ve tried resetting to factory settings from the settings menu, no change.  I pulled out my SD card, that made no difference.   I held down the power button for 15 seconds, and still the same problem.

Has anyone else had this problem?, and does anyone have a suggested solution?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Don’t you have to PAUSE playback before turning it off to activate the bookmarking feature?

Never had to pause it before.  But I did test with that just to see.  Pausing and turing the player off gets the same result as just turning it off while playing.  When I turn it back on, it goes directly to the main menu and even digging down to the correct audiobook does not remember where it was.

Is the book this is happening to have the GENRE set in the ID3 tag to Audiobook and/or is the file placed in the Audiobooks folder?

I’ve got 5 audiobooks loaded in the Audiobook folder on my player right now.  They are all free audiobooks from in mp3 format.    And all 5 books behave exactly the same way.  No bookmarking whatsoever.


There were problems with the file system.  Probably caused by me letting it get too full.  Books that I deleted were being trashed on the same drive instead of actually deleted, so it filled up and then things started going haywire.

Solution: I formated the drive.  Put my books back on it, and the problem is gone, everything works fine now and my audiobooks bookmark just like they should.

Thanks folks!