What I'd really LOVE

I listen to my Fuze all the time, sometimes podcasts, sometimes downloaded interviews, often audiobooks. Sometimes I listen to the radio. Once in awhile I even select music. I love my Fuze. It’s easy to use. It has enough battery life to get me to China with juice to spare.

The one feature I really miss from the old Zen+ player I replace is the ability to set bookmarks. On the Fuze, I pick up where I leave off, but if I interrupt an audiobook in mid-chapter to listen to the radio or record a message, or anything at all, I have no way of going back to that spot. So, if any developers are reading this, please, please, bookmarks please. 

The Fuze is discontinued, but at least in rockbox on the Fuze, you can set bookmarks, as well as set it to automatically resume any file automatically when you replay it at a later date.  

SanDisk has implemented things a little differently with the new Fuze+, having a single bookmark function for files that are paused before exiting.  It’s pretty cool having the “resume?” mask pop up the next time I select a file, but a dedicated bookmark function would be very nice.

The way I would personally implement it is similar to the video bookmarks function a while back.  One could set a bookmark by selecting the submenu functions, then locate the individual bookmarks via a separate menu.  Personally, I’d love a wee progress bar showing little hashmarks at the saved points, with access via a submenu.

For those who use Audible, there’s a function like this in the Audible Manager that works pretty well.  There’s only one problem with it, of course, and that’s being seated in front of your computer to use it.  Not exactly portable.  Well, it is, using the little netbook, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

Rockbox may have promise in this arena, as the venerable original Fuze is no longer in the forefront.  I haven’t tinkered extensively with it, as my media is protected media, which the interface doesn’t support :cry:

Perhaps some Rockbox fans can chime in on bookmarks in that arena…

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: