Newbie with Fuze. I'm liking it so far. Good bookmarking.

Hi All,

Second post.

My E-260 finally died after about three years of heavy use. I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did the way I treat gadgets.

I bought a new Fuze yesterday. I had been running Rockbox on my E-260 because I had to have the bookmarking for podcasts and audio books. I’ve been playing around with the bookmarking that comes with the new Fuze firmware and it seems pretty good so far. There’s no master list of bookmarks accross folders like Rockbox has but still, the bookmarking is decent. It can be improved.

Excellent audio. Good screen but my eysight is not good so some of the fonts seem kinda small. Not a big deal.I like the scroll wheel. Good weight, slim profile…that’s nice. The audio jack at the bottom of the player seems goofy. I have to unplug my headphones to disconnect the USB cable. I’ll get used to it, no big deal.

Over all I’m impressed.