Has anyone downgrade from a fuze to one of the older models with replaceable batteries?

    I have about 6  working fuze’s which I dearly love and use every day.  It is only a matter of time before their batteries are dead.  I opened up my first one that died to see if I could replace the battery.  I could see where to solder a new battery but was unable to reconnect the screen to the base.  The ribbon was too small.

   I have never used rock box, but reading here it sounds like it might be worth it to try on an older sandisk mp3 player that has a replaceable battery.  Does anyone have any thoughts or input?  E200 series or C200 series, any others?

    I bought my sister a sport clip+ and it works but feels like it came out of a gumball machine.  I doesn’t feel that sturdy and I don’t know it’s life expectancy. 

   I love my Fuze’s.  I wish I knew some one to replace batteries.  Is there a place to get batteries that will last.  I still see them as new, but that isn’t any guarantee if they are real old is it?


Any one of the older models, e200, Clip+ or Zip will run Rockbox. Of those, only the e200 was designed to have a replaceable battery.

Problem today is though, finding one of these in new or gently used condition. If you are able to find one, expect the seller (like on eBay) to know they are holding onto a gem and want a higher price for it.

The Clip+ or Zip are newer than the e200 series but again, they are in short supply & fetch higher prices. They are robust little players, but smaller and don’t display videos like the e200 & Fuze do, only music.