Finally got my Fuze.... an already some problems :)

 Hi to all… As I wrote in the title, finally I have this great music-reader, too. But I have a trouble: while I’m listening, if I skip to the next song, sometimes the reader blocks for a pair of second before play that song… Is it normal or is it my reader? Besides, i wanted to know (If you want to tell me it :slight_smile: ) if it’s normal that I can’t change song while in a menu, and If i could make the exploring of the song list faster (maybe with Rockbox it would be better?)… Thank you, and sorry for bothering you :slight_smile:

Anything? ^^


Without Rockbox, the Fuze does not support “gapless” (having zero gap between the songs, you describe having a pause between the songs, so you have “gapfull” :-P). Gapless has been on the Fuze wishlist for ages, ever since it started supporting FLAC and Ogg Vorbis (not sure about FLAC, but Ogg Vorbis supports gapless, so why shouldn’t the Fuze?).

You can’t skip through your songs while in the menus. When in the menu, the Fuze can’t tell the difference between skipping the song and trying to operate the menu when you press the skip button, so it just assumes you want to do something with the menu.

Rockbox on the v1 Fuze was recently stabilized, so if you have the v1, I strongly recommend it, just be careful about installing it (I definitely recommend using the Rockbox utility). With Rockbox installed, simply powering up the Fuze will boot straight into Rockbox, and pressing the Skip Backwords (or Rewind) button while powering on will take you to the normal Fuze firmware.

Rockbox on the v2 recently begame “usable” but is still “unstable” (meaning that it will work if you install it using special instructions, but it isn’t quite ready for prime time).

Thank you very much, I’ll provide to install Rockbox so… And the gap I mentioned happens only with some determinated idtags, as “Blue Öyster Cult”, with the two points on the O …  So, what do you tell, must I format the Fuze before install Rockbox, or I van install it also with songs on? 

Just one last doubt, about videos: I tried to download Sansa Media Converter, but it seems that there isn’t anywhere… How should I do?

Thank you, and sorry for some errors :slight_smile:

Rockbox can be installed without formatting the Fuze, so you can leave everything on there, but it’s a good ide to backup your songs and such just in case. You just need to use the Rockbox Utility on the v1 Fuze or the manual install instructions for the v2 (be very careful in this case). You can tell which version of the Fuze you have by going into the Info option of your Settings (or was it System?).

There is Video4Fuze that can convert your videos to Fuze format on both Windows and Linux (and, though it isn’t tested by the author, on Mac OS X). One Rockbox, as long as your video is a standard Mpeg video scaled down to 220x176 pixels to fit on the screen will work (larger resolutions will work, but they are too large to fit on the screen, so they go off the edges of the screen).

The Fuze may be struggling to read the tags if the gap only happens with certain songs. Gapless and Rockbox are for another situation. 

The umlaut in BOC may be coded in a way the Fuze doesn’t like. 

Fix the tags. 

Get  mp3tag.

When you install it allow it to add itself to context menus (checkbox during install).

Open it and go to Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg and set Write to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. The Fuze reads those tags easily.

Before you put an album on the Fuze, right-click on the folder in your computer and you’ll see mp3tag as an option to open it.  Use it. See that the files are in playing order, top to bottom. (You might need to click the Track Number header to do that if they don’t have track numbers in the filename.) When they are in the right order, highlight them all and under Tools go to Auto-Numbering Wizard and choose the Leading Zeros option. Run it. 

This will number the tracks 01, 02, 03–the way the Fuze likes them, rather than 1/12, 2/12, etc.–and it will also save them as ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 because you have set that as the default. 

If you do this with each new album, and with your old albums, the Fuze won’t choke on the tags. 

I already read this solution, and I’ve used it just with the “Blue Oyster Cult” album, but it didn’t work… Maybe that strange O?

I’ll install Rockbox, if you said me it’s as intuitive in the using as iPod or Fuze itself native firmware (I’ve a v1, so no problem)

And thanks for suggesting me Video4Fuze :slight_smile: