Pausing between flac file playback

Have had my 4Gb for a couple of weeks. It keeps pausing between tracks and  have to hit the FF button to get it to start playing. Of course doing that skips the song it paused on and plays the next track. It does this 95% of the time. I have tried to test different variables in the equation but have come up with no answers. I am a live music listener (dead, phish, moe). I thought the worst thing about the player is that it doesn’t playback gapless music (firmware?) the pause issue is ridiculous. Any help? Thanks 

We have not seen this issue.  Can you try different FLAC encoders to help us narrow it down.

I’m curious about this - I’ve got an 8GB fuze and since the recent firmware update, loaded up a few FLAC files just to make sure they weren’t telling porky pies about FLAC support.

Lo and Behold - it worked. I’ve used linux (Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex to be precise) to burn the flac files which (given my limited knowledge of flac) were encoded at a --best setting.  I’m convinced that’s of no use to you(!)

However, I’ve also got MP3’s, OGGs files playing on the fuze aswell as the FLAC format and have never had any pausing issues.

This problem is only limited to FLAC files then?

I feel your pain, that sort of thing would drive me nuts.

Could this have something to do with the compression level? I seem to recall one of the iAudio players having issues with FLAC files at a certain high compression level.

Thanks for the replies guys. Check this out. It works normally when I engage the hold function. That makes no sense to me. Can I delete the firmware upgrade and reinstall? That’d be a logical troubleshooting place to start, I think. Thanks

Try what Sansa Fix Suggested first. He knows more about this product than anybody here (Based on what I have seen) Try a different codec, what one did you use on the files that are giving you trouble? I would start to trouble shoot with your Files and work back to the firmwire.

I’ve tried plenty of FLAC files on my fuzes without a single hiccup.  For best results with any audio file, use the the official codec found at the authors website.  I’ve seen some strange occurances with codecs in those swiss army knife audio packages.  I’m not saying this is the issue, just a good general practice.