Pause Button

Hi, just recently bought a 8GB Fuze.

Hadn’t had it long before I ugraded to the latest firmware so not sure if this ever happened before.

Has anyone had a problem with the pause button ?

 It happens ver rarely - but often enough for me to notice. Sometimes the pause button  gets confused and instead of pausing toggles very quickly back to play again - but leaving the pause graphic still showing. Consequent hits of pause - toggle the graphic but not the actual music playing.

It is resolved by going to the next track and/or back again.

Weird and slightly annoying - is this a firmware thing ? Its symtomns act like it 



I’ve never had that problem with my Fuze.  I don’t think it’s normal but others here might have encountered this.

Can’t say as I have. Haven’t seen anyone else complain about it either. There’s another f/w update coming out in about a week or so. It might help. If not, I think I’d see about getting it replaced.

I have had this problem also - several times- I have a 8 GB Sansa Fuze - The Pause button does not work sometimes,

even though the graphic shows a pause, the player keeps on playing. Did you find a solution

Hi there,

Well I did work out why this happens. So a sort of solution without a fix.

If you hit the play button when the fuze is still turning on i.e. load screen. Then it starts playing automatically (after its finished booting)- But then however, the play/pause button is screwed. The only way Ifound is having to switch it off and back on again and be more patient the next time.

Still it sucks, huh ?

Anway - do a test yourself and tell me if its the same with you…

Then I guess we can register it as a real bug.



happens to me too - downloaded latest firmware on Tuesday (V02.02.26F).

Quite annoying - you just expect Pause to pause & it doesn’t - any fixes on the way? 

Well, I confirm the bug, Fuze 8GB, v1 with the latest 26-something firmware. Very annoying. Even worse than not-always-functioning-replaygain and “strange” equalizer.

But I don’t remember me pressing the play button while turning the device on. Should look to it. Tried several times just now to press play/pause on device boot - the bug doesn’t appear.

My husband reported the Pause not working although it shows the graphic - it happened twice yesterday.  He has to shut it off to stop playing.  He has the 4G Fuze, up-to-date firmware (as of two weeks ago).  I’ll ask if he’s possibly jumping the gun on pressing Play before it’s booted up. 

I have encountered this bug also. I just downloaded the new firmware, and will report back if this fixes the problem.