Pause button

I update the firmwire on my fuze to the latest version and my pause button doesn’t work anymore. What should I do?

There seem to be quite a few folk having various problems with pause…not sure if they r all the same.

A week ago, every time I started my Fuze it started in “pause” mode. I couldn’t get it to play the song it started on…had to got back to the music menu and select an album to play to get it “unstuck”…(firmware 2.2.26F). Now it has changed. When I turn Fuze on it plays the last song automatically but when I try and pause a song nothing happens…it’s as if the button is broken, it now does nothing when pressed. I upgraded to 2.2.28F but the problem is still there.

Is this likely to be a hardware problem (as I’m still within guarantee period)? Or is there a software fix for it?

Ok, I realise now that the pause button problem is nothing to do with the firmware. After reading through posts about the various problems people are having with the Fuze’s control wheel, it does seem to a problem with the wheel presses not being picked up. :mansad:

The alarming thing from reading the posts seems to be how quickly the wheel begins to malfunction. I could accept it if it happened after a year or two heavy use…but not after a month or so of casual use. How on earth did this model pass quality control ?

It’s a real shame cos the sound is really good (after the pitch bug is sorted in firmware). I don’t want to take it back for a refund yet, but in a years time the other wheel buttons will probably be dead too and it will be no use.

Some have reported problems with the pause mode if they started pressing buttons on the player before it is fully booted. Make sure the player is fully booted before pressing the pause button to resume music play.