My PAUSE/PLAY button no longer works.

I’m a bit obsessive about keeping my Fuze (v 2) clean, even though I have a clear crystal case for it–but that leaves the click wheel out–so I wipe it down @ least twice per week with Clorox Wipes and/or rubbing alcohol.  I think I might have overdone it as my PAUSE/PLAY button no longer works.  This means I can listen to music when I turn the player on, but I can’t pause a song.  If I want to stop a song, I have to turn the player off using the side buttons.  When I turn it on, it plays right where the song left off, but that is kind of annoying.  Is there any way to fix my PLAY/PAUSE button or has my germaphobic ways caught up with me?

OCD is a terrible thing . . .

Off topic, but it’s a shame that show ended.  :cry:

Try downloading the firmware again and installing it manually on the player. The problem might be a firmware glitch and not a broken button. Also make sure the player is fully booted before pressing the play/pause button. Some have reported that pressing the play/pause button before the player is fully booted might make the play/pause button inoperative until the player is booted again.

You could also try exercising the button for a while, which might help restore contact. In the future, if you want to wipe a player with a wet towlette, first wring  out the towlette, then turn the player upside down and wipe it from the bottom, so no liquid will drip into it. Dry the surface before turning it rightside up.

Thanks for your response.  How would I delete the current firmware that I have on the player?

willlet784 wrote:
How would I delete the current firmware that I have on the player?

You don’t. Just manually re-install the firmware as suggested. You can get the latest version here. It will over-write what is on the player.