Fuze off after playing a FLAC file

My 2Gb, with 8Gb card - with the most recent firmware version and full battery, turns itself off after listening to a FLAC file. The playback was ok, but it just stopped and died after the song finishes. It won’t turn on; I pushed the button to power on and held for a few seconds (possibly upto 5) and nothing happened.

I plugged it in, since i read from somewhere that FLAC files may very effectively drain the battery, and the usual charging screen didn’t even come up.

I unplugged it, and tried turning it on again. Now it worked, but it also updated the library.

I played the next FLAC song in the album, and the same thing happened.

I never had any problem playing FLAC files before, so i guess this might be the rip that causes it. (these files have never been played on the Fuze - older files still play fine) How can I know for sure?

after reading your post the only thing that I could suggest to you is too backup all the content on your player and reformat the player using the FORMAT command in the Settings menu on the Fuze. Doing this seems to correct some minor bugs that have popped up after upgrading to the latest (.26) firmware. Try it and then put your FLAC files back and see if they play correctly.

thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try this in a week and will keep this board posted if this works or not. That’ll be early next week though since i’m off on a trip overseas and might have no time at all in the mean time.