Resume - podcast/music

With the new firmware, one is supposed to be able to resume music and podcasts, but whenever I try I invariably restart whatever I am listening to.  How is this supposed to work?  Am I ‘holding it wrong’?

I just tried it:

turn sansa+ on, play track

turn sansa+ off wihtout stopping the track

turn sansa+ on again, track is paused at the time I shut down before

push on play… track plays…

What are your steps? Do you stop the track before turning the device off? Have you proofed that you’re using the 1.30.01? Play you music from device memory or from memory card?



i have verified that the method Vector explains works.

additionally you can use the following method.

  1. play your podacast

  2. pause podcast

  3. use the back arrow button to back out to main menu

  4. you can now use other functions like playing music or radio

  5. when you want to listen to the podcast again use the back button to back out of what ever menu you are in

6. navigation back to the podcast menu selection 

  1. use the center select button to move into the podcast menu (note if you use the play button to select the podcast from the recent played list displayed at the top level menu it will start the podcast from the beginning)

  2. scroll to the podcast you were listening to

  3. use the center select button to select the podcast and it will resume playing where left off

  4. ???

  5. Profit 

I guess my problem occurs when I pause the podcast, and then it turns itself off (sleep) rather than manually turning it off.  That seems like a silly distinction.

And it does have the most up to date firmware.

And this is no where as reliable as Manual bookmarking, (resume Is hit or miss at best, podcast or music.)