Play podcast once and then stop

My old MP3 player died after several years of great service and I replaced it with a Sansa Clip+ because it was the closest to meeting my requirements. Unfortunately it is not ideal and was wondering if anybody here had any suggestions for me.

I listen to podcasts and their ID tags are rarely complete, so I arrange them into folders and play them from there. What I really really want is a way of playing a single podcast and then have it come to an end, rather than continuing through all podcasts until the end of the folder is reached. My old player had  a mode called “Track once” which served this purpose well and meant the unit shut off after the track had played out, which was nice if I’d fallen asleep during that time.

The sleep function is one solution but is far from ideal, especially when it is necessary to click through multiple screens to enable it each time. Another possible solution is to place each podcast into its own directory, but that’s not exactly an elegant one. I would love to see a firmware upgrade with the “track once” feature added, but until then I would be very interested to hear if anyone has any suggestions.

You could add the one & only podcast you want to hear to the GoList, and then play that GoList. It’s simple enough to add it using the ‘press & hold’ feature and then delete it when you’ve listened to it.

That’s a possible solution and one that I had considered. When I tried it previously, I discovered that the “press and hold” feature did not work for podcasts, but after further investigation I see that it does work for the “Audible” folder. Thanks for the suggestion.