Podcasts can no longer be resumed

I use my Sansa Clip+ for listening to 2 hour podcasts while I’m taking my 40 minute morning walks. Used to be that I could start listening to a podcast, and then stop listening, and turn off the player. Then when I turned it on, it would be showing the podcast I was listening to last time, and would allow me to resume listening where I had left off.

Now, when I power it up, it shows “Music” on the screen, and I need to follow that down to podcasts. And I need to pick the one that I was listening to, and it starts from the beginning of the podcast, no option to resume where I left off.

This is almost (not quite) useless to me…I spent the first third (or so) of my walk this morning figuring out where I had left off last time. And have done some experimenting since. I reset it, no change in behavior.

Is there anything that I can do, or is this thing just broken? It’s only a little over a year old…is that all I can expect for this MP3 player, just a year of use?

Wonder what other people’s experiences are with this player? Until the last few times I’ve tried to use it, it’s been fine.


Reset just returns to factory defaults. Doesn’t really do much.

I’d try reloading the firmware.

Check which hardware version your clip is (first digit of firmware under Settings/System Settings/Info)  and get the Version1 or Version 2 firmware from this thread:


Don’t bother with the Updater.

Use the manual method: download the zipped firmware file, unzip it, put the unit in MSC mode (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode/MSC), connect it and drag over the unzipped folder onto the driveletter for CLIP.

If that doesn’t help, other questions:

Have you changed the location of the newer podcasts? Are they still in the Podcasts folder?

And: look at the tag information. Is the genre specified as Podcasts? 

The Sansa gives Podcasts special treatment–the resume function–and it has to know that the files are podcasts and not just music mp3s.

Charging the player with your pc and making a data connection will result in the player losing track of the file it is in the middle of playing. The solution is to charge the player using an AC usb charger, or a mini usb cell phone charger. Make sure the phone charger says 5 volts on it before you connect the player to it. You could charge using the pc and not make a data connection by using a special power only usb cable.