Resuming an interrupted playlist?

I recently created a playlist for an audiobook (with 70 files).  About half way thru I loaded some podcasts onto the Clip intending to listen to them when the book was finished.  Upon removing the Clip from the USB connector, I was prompted for what I wanted to listen to.  I selected the playlist.  Unfortunately, it didn’t highlight the file that I had been listening to - instead highlighting file 1.  Did I miss something or is there no way to resume a playlist from where you were?  By this, I mean having the player highlight the current file like it does with audio books.  I know I can specify which file I was listening to - if I actually knew which file that was.


No there’s no way to do that, sorry.

The player will remember where you were in a playlist between power cycles, but not after changing content and triggering a DB refresh.