Getting clip to start in same place it stopped

I just received a Sansa Clip to use just for audiobooks.  I downloaded a 9 disk book with 90+ short tracks on each disk.  I had been listening to it and shutting it off directly without messing with the controls, since I discovered it would start up again at the same point–which is my objective.

Today, however, it didn’t start at the same spot.  I’m lucky that know that I was on disk 3, track 67 (as opposed to having to listen to locate my place), but it’s going to be a pain to scroll there.

Are there any tips to be certain to get it to start up at the same spot?  Is pausing before shutting it off a factor, b/c I don’t recall if I did pause it?  Any other thoughts?          (I have an iPod shuffle (2nd generation) that would do this fine b/c it doesn’t have all the features and menus the Clip does, but my gift was the Clip so I want to keep it and use it for its intended purpose.)

Thanks for the help.

Odd–it should have worked for you.

One option:  the Clip has a bookmarking feature for files in the Podcasts and Audiobooks folders, or files with the genre label of Audiobook or Podcast.  You might want to experiment with that (I haven’t been using those features).