playing of mp3 files does not continue in the same place after chargin the clip via usb?


I use the clip only to listen to mp3 audiobooks. So far I can live with not being able to speed up the tempo (but I really miss that, and all my previous players had it), and sorting only on id3 tags (I use a tool to add tags based on filename).

So far, when I stop the player, and I start it again it starts in the same place of my current long mp3 file, nice. But if I connect the clip to the pc for charging the battery, when I disconnect from the pc, and start it again I get to the main menu and cannot continue in the exact place where I was…Am i missing something? Now really this would make the clip useless to listen to mp3 audiobooks…

thanks for any help

What is the bit rate of your MP3 files?  We are working on an update that will preserve the resume info after Charging  (provided you dont copy new files to the player).

ohhh man, that would be great…

bit rate of my mp3? I have no idea, I guess I can find out by opening one of them with any audio software, I’ll have a look tonight. But I guess not all audiobooks have the same rate right? Does the bit rate make a difference regarding resuming at the same place?

thank you indeed

ok, I had a look and most of my mp3 audiobooks are 64kbps, and some 128kbps, does that help?


Try out the new firmware I think it should preserve your place in the book now.


Do you buy audiobooks in mp3 format someplace, or get them from audiobook CDs?  I’m curious, as I haven’t found anyplace to get audiobooks except in .aa format or .wma


well, many things i listen to are not audibooks but podcasts on techical stuff I download from the net. Then you have and for example, and a friend who is a teacher lends me some too.