Problem with fast forward

I have the new firmware installed.  I’m using the clip for audiobooks.  I don’t think I had this problem before the upgrade but I’m not sure.

When I fast forward through a file and release, the clip moves to the next file instead of stopping in the current file.  I’ve tried different ways of doing this such as fast forwarding a little bit at a time.  Whenever I reach halfway through the file, it immediately moves to the next file.
I either need to start at the beginning of the file and play until it gets back to where I left off or, as I’m doing now, finish the file on my computer.

Is there a fix for this?  If not, is there a way to reinstall the earlier firmware and see if that fixes it?

To fast forward you have to press and hold the FF or REW button and hold it down.

Also, This might save you the hastle, Before you stop the file when youre done, press the select button and bookmark your spot. That way you can pick up right where you left off.

Let me know if this helps…

Are you listening to audiobooks on .wma format?  Becuase as discussed in some other threads, they are currently developing a fix for both the resume play and the fast forwarding in long files issue.  The current firmware only fixed it if you are using .mp3s to play audiobooks.  I was playing an audiobook on mp3 this weekend and none of the individual files were longer than about 15 minutes, but the ff/resume seemed to work fine for those.

I haven’t tested ff/rewind for .aa format much as of yet, but the resume feature worked fine for me.

is there a bookmark feature on the clip? Is this just on audible books? The protected wma files dont’ seem to have this feature (or am I crazy?)

And I have the same problem as the person who started this post (and we are holding down the button correctly) it still will sometimes skip to the next song upon release.

Currently theres no bookmark for the OverDrive Audiobooks.  The fast forward fix is in beta and should be released in 1.5 weeks.

thanks sansafix… was a lil confused with the post saying the problem was fixed. just making sure. happy beta testing

So far as I know, the clip doesn’t have a bookmarking feature (if it did, it would absolutely be the most perfect player), so if someone knows how the clip bookmarks, please tell!