I have talked to tech support and I was told mine was broken; so I replaced it. WRONG

The firmware is buggy and does not work like the original CLIP:


  1. Audiobooks are downloaded in parts.

  2. These parts are usually 50 to 60 min long.  (A novel can be 5 to 40 hours long)

  3. The CLIP will Re-wind or Fast-forward thru the parts as if the parts are One large file.

  4. This is proper; it is one book! The CLIP works that way, the CLIP+ Does Not!


The CLIP+ treats each part as if is was a 3 min song.  In re-wind mode it always jumps to the beginning of the previous file, (then you are supposed to fast-forward to where you missed something, even if it was the last 2 min?)

PLEASE don’t ask me if I setup it up wrong, I have downloaded and listened to over 200 books on my CLIP with no problems.  (I have had 2)  Since the CLIP is now listed as a “legacy” product I bought the CLIP+.  You would think it is the same but, better.  WRONG!

Please advise if this will bug be fixed with the next firmware update, and when!

I was going to buy these as presents.

I don’t know if this problem exists — as I combine all those parts into one: 1 book = 1 file.
Besides rewinding it has other benefits, so maybe you can use it as a solution until the firmware does what you want.

If your books aren’t encrypted, you can merge them without transcoding with these tools.
There are tools for audible as well, but they are payware.

Thanks for the reply. 

 It’s probably is a good solution for some, but I download from the library and the files are WMA with a time  restricted DRM code. They don’t even work on the miniSD chip. (a notice not mentioned on the forum)

 The real issue here is that SANSA must know about this problem and should not have marketed the + version as having the same features as the CLIP. When I first saw it I thought it was cheaper than the original CLIP because it was not made as well.    I am just angry because I was duped, and I think they can and should fix it.

Thanks again for the info, I’ll consider it if I need to join MP3’s.

I agree - the rewind problem is really annoying.  The old Clip handled it much better. 

In fact, there are so many things I prefered about the old clip (the Clip-  ?) that I’m thinking about shelving my new Clip+ and tracking down a used original Clip.