Podcast: How to Resume Playback?


I have recently replaced my trustly and beloved Sansa Clip+ (which died, RIP) with a Sansa Clip Zip.   I use my Sansa almost exclusively for listening to podcasts.     I’m getting to grips with the Sansa Clip Zip.  

One essential feature I had on the Sansa Clip+ was the ‘Resume Playback’.   This allowed me to resume playing a podcast that I had previously stopped mid-way.    How do I get the Clip Zip to facilitate resume playback?    When I return to a partially played podcast on the Sansa Clip Zip it begins playing from the start of the podcast which is frustrating.   

My Clip Zip has firmware v. 01.01.20A.  

You may have found the answer by now but I find that if I pause the podcast playback before shutting the player off if remembers the place and asks if I want to resume or start again.

My Clip+ suddenly stopped resuming playback for podcasts.  I tried resetting to factory defaults as well as the hard reset by holding down the power button for more than 20 seconds.

Eventually I copied all the files to my computer and re-formatted the device.  Resume Playback has returned!

When the player makes a data connection with a pc, it will lose the resume location. So if keeping the resume location is important to you, then charge the player using a cell phone charger. Make sure the charger says 5 volts on it.

I can’t find any relation between putting files on my Clip+ via PC and the complete loss of the Resume Playback option.  I have mine connected almost daily and Resume just disappeared yesterday.

Thanks so much for posting your experience, ehsande!  My Sansa Clip+ also suddenly (a few days ago) lost its ability to resume playback.  I thought it was the recent firmware update that messed it up, but (as you noted) factory reset didn’t restore this feature.  I was getting very frustrated when I came across your post.  Just formated my Clip+, as you suggested.  That did the trick.  Whew!