I have 2 questions about the Sansa Express

I listen to a lot of talk radio mp3s that usually are 3-4 hours in length and I wanted to know if there is a way to pause a clip and resume it after powering the player off and back on again. And my second question is there a way to quickly fast forward through long clips, it seems the standard fast forward is a bit slow.

thanks for any answers

if you just turn off the player without pausing the mp3 it should resume. as for the fast forward there is no scan through song function so the regular fast forward is the only way. the speed at which it fast forwards does increase the longer it is held down.

Again, DrLucky is correct on both accounts.  The Resume feature will be activated when you turn it off while the song is playing, and the Longer you hold down the Fast Foward, the faster it scans through the song.

You can also try editing the MP3 track and divide it into manageable sections to listen to the talk show in 3-4 parts or so. This way you can sync the music using a playlist for the 3-4 Talk Show.

It should be noted that SanDisk does not make any software that can do this.  But TroyBiz’s suggestion is not a bad one at all. Once investing in a decent audio software, fastforwarding or finding your place shouldn’t be a problem at all.

thanks for the advice guys, those suggestions should really come in handy

Dunno if this is what you’re asking, but when you stop in the middle of a podcast and listen to the radio for a while, you can resume the podcast by choosing the second listing on the Music menu: Play previous. So that works as a pause button, although it’s clunky.