second exact resume?

Hello, does the Sansa Express have “second exact” resume? What I mean is: When I turn off the player and restart it, will it resume the current track at the beginning of the track or just there where I left it? Thanks for your help DreamFlasher

Yeah, all sansa’s do.

Pause the song while its playing, then turn it off.  Or you can turn it off while the song is playin

Wow this is kewl! Thanks for your answer Bleach_FAN :slight_smile:

Hate to be a contrarian, but no, the only way to get an express to resume is to power off in the middle of a song.  If you pause, and it auto shuts off, which by default is like two minutes later, you will lose your place, and it WILL drive you crazy.  Also, you will lose your place when you plug it into a USB slot, no matter what you do.  This is a quirky little player if you’re primary use is long podcasts.


To whom it may concern:the solution to the resume problem given in the Message Subject is the straight goods. All others should be disregarded.My SE has firmware 01.01.01A2, and powering off while playing really does resume when you power up again. Thanks for the solution.

So I have a complaint to make about the quality of advice I received this morning from tech support. There, I was told that, unequivocally, the SE had nothing to do with a resume function. It depended  entirely on the presence of a resume function being on the track of the recording that was being played.??? I do hope that somebody in SanDisk really does read these posts and will take notice that some training is in order for the tech support folks.


Thanks for the information guys.

To summarise:


When the Sandisk Sansa Express auto powers off, it does not store the elapsed time of the last played track. Upon player resume it loads the last played track but with a 0:00 elapsed time.


Manually power off the unit, either by holding the power button whilst a track is playing, or by pausing and then holding down the power button.


This can be frustrating to users, especially those listening to tracks with long durations (e.g. DJ sets).