Please Add Resume Function

I’ve looked around in the forum to see if there’s a way to set my Sansa Express to auto-resume playback from an MP3’s last known position before power-down. Apparently, this can’t be in any straightforward manner. I’d like to see this feature added in firmware updates or future versions of the Express. I switched from a Samsung YP-U2J (a great MP3 player that lasted about a year), but I like the design of the Sansa players more.

If I’m not mistaken, it should do this automatically.  It may help if you pause the song before shutdown, though.

I just got a brand new Sansa Express, and the resume function is nowhere to be found. Such a shame.

My SE resumes automatically:)
Try updating the firmware. I’ve got the newest version, maybe that’s it.

Yes…Express has the built-in function for resume already…you don’t need to go search for resume or anything, the player should have resume your mp3 after shutting off and on