Trouble resuming in middle of track

Any ideas why I am having trouble resuming play in the middle of an MP3 track?  I do not pause; I hold down the power button to turn off the device, until I see the animation indicating it is turning off.  Later I turn the device back on–sometimes it remembers where I had left off in a track, other times it starts back at the beginning of the track or at the menu.  Why is it inconsistent?

SanDisk 1.0 GB Firmward 01.01.05A2

Yes I have the same problem, but sometimes it resumes.

I primarily purchased the Sansa Express to download books from our local library via  Just until recently I have been able to turn the player “OFF”—right in the middle of chapter whatever, (chapter 5 for instance)—and then turn it back on, and have it pick up right where I left off listening to the book…but, yesterday, and today it just won’t do that.  I have to write down what chapter I was on. Then scroll and hold the advance minute button to hopefully find where I was last listening.  Does anyone know whats causing this to happen, and how can I correct it back to the way it was?  Thank you.


I too picked up one of these for use with Overdrive audio books. I’ve held the power button to turn it off and it’s never resumed where I left off. It always starts at the beginning of the track too. This is VERRY annoying! Having to fast forward through 30-50 min of audio to get to where I left off is crazy. Why do all these audio players still have so many quarks?! I have some old MP3 players that don’t properly save there place ether, you’d think by now they’d have this working! 

If you guys at SanDisk want to know why iPod is so popular? I can tell you one huge reason, IT WORKS. Every thing works as you’d expect it and they update it. It plays huge audio files, it saves your positions when turn it off or sleep or what ever… it just freeken works. It can display play times over an hour!!! Why can’t you guys say the same thing? I just can’t believe a player I just purchaced today still has these problems! 

I know you guys arn’t going to fix any of these things we bitch about in these forums… you’ve made your $$ and are trying to whip up your next “cool” player… maybe it’ll be fixed then… but so far, I doubt it.


Thank you for your reply Bart.  Just until recently I had no problems resuming where I left off listening. And even now, it’s unpredictable,  it might pick up where I left off—or not next time I turn it on.

I have a gorgeous new iPod touch, but Overdrive audio doesn’t work with iPod as you probably know. I won’t pay for iTune books when I can download the latest best sellers from my local libarary Free. (who would):wink:

If there is another Sansa player with more reliable features than the Express model for listening to audio books I would buy it. That is my next question that I just posted.  Or if anyone knows of reliable MP3 player that I could use just for audio from that is not too expensive.

My iPod is now reserved for music and images—the Sansa for audio books as I love the tiny Express model. Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you.

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The Express should work; formatting usually fixes issues like this.  Resume works for me, but I only use it on standard average-length songs.

If you want an upgrade, I’d seriously recommend the Clip.  That little thing rocks.  My iPod-owning friends are jealous of mine.  It also sounds a lot nicer than any other MP3 player I’ve ever used.