Listening to Books: Getting Back to The Chapter ???

I primarily purchased the Sansa Express to download books from our local library via  Just until recently I have been able to turn the player “OFF”—right in the middle of chapter whatever, (chapter 5 for instance)—and then turn it back on, and have it pick up right where I left off listening to the book…but, yesterday, and today it just won’t do that.  I have to write down what chapter I was on. Then scroll and hold the advance minute button to hopefully find where I was last listening.  Does anyone know whats causing this to happen, and how can I correct it back to the way it was?  Thank you.


I have not seen any answers to this question I posted on March 16th.  Hoping this will bring it to the top of the list again.


I don’t listen to audiobooks or very long tracks, but every time I shut mine off, it resumes just fine.

Maybe if you format the player and resync your stuff, it’ll work then.  It’s worth a shot, and shouldn’t take too long.