Auto resume feature

My auto resume seems to have turned itself off; it was working fine last week.  I’ve updated my firmware to 01.01.18A.  I really don’t care about picking up where I left off for music, but I listen to a lot of Audible audiobooks and books ripped from CD, and starting over from the beginning is a huge pain.


Anyone have any ideas?  Am I missing something obvious?




Try starting a book, power off then power on it should resume fine.

Make sure the battery has enough charge at power off.

Thanks.  I tried what you suggested, but the book started over at the beginning.  It does this whether I pause the book before I turn the Clip off or just turn it off without pausing.  Any other ideas?



I think you should try reformatting the player from Settings> Format > yes

Transfer the content using Audible manager again.

Thanks.  I was SO hoping to avoid that; this will be the third time I’ve had to format.  No help for it, I guess!