Clip+ audio stops suddenly, requires a re-power

so, the other issue I have with the Clip+ on a rather frequent basis is sometimes the audio will cut out completely and I will be unable to pause or play the song or really do anything until I power off and then power on again.  Upon power on, the music will resume as if nothing happened.

This happen to anyone else?

I haven’t had this happen. What you might like to try is, reapply the latest firmware onto your player (see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum), even if you already have it–the firmware could have become corrupted over time. Hope this helps–

I have this issue as well. I usually see this when playing a long audio file such as an audiobook from Audible. I’ll be listening and all of a sudden, it will power itself off. I turn it on again and it continues playing. There are other issues with long audio files as well. For example, after a while, the pause/rewind/fast forward will not work. You literally have to power it off and on again, after which the controls will work for a while.

Pause not working is often caused by pressing the play/pause button before the player is fully booted.

I have the same problem as well. It happens more frequently when I am playing a long track (1 hour+) but also occasionally happens playing an album.

It’s very annoying!! Should I go ahead a reload the firmware like the previous poster suggested.

I’ll let yall know if that works