Clip+ randomly shutting off by itself and play/pause button problems...

I have been a happy Clip+ user for about a while now, but I recently noticed that sometimes the play/pause button doesn’t work (player keeps playing, turn off-on is required to fix it) and the player would occassionally shut down by itself.

It is not often, maybe every second day or so and it happens randomly as far as I can tell, always on podcasts or audiobooks - that is all I ever listen to.

Has anyone experienced anything like this so far?

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I’ve never noticed a problem with play/pause, but twice it has spontaneously shut off – though the second spontaneous shut-off turned out to be an unexpectedly depleted battery – so that leaves one time it seemed to just shut off, and so I’ve written that off to “perhaps I did something” – it would be interesting to know if others have experienced the same…

Perhaps reapply the firmware?  It could have become corrupted.  Having said that, as there hasn’t been a firmware upgrade for the Clip+ yet, there’s no firmware to reapply …

I’ve noticed the play/pause thing myself.  For me, though, it only happens when I press the play button before the splash screen is finished after I turn it on; the only way to stop it is to turn it off.  It happens every time I hit play too early and never happens any other time.

I tried pressing play/pause before the splash screen finishes, and indeed, once it seems to result in play/pause not working. But all the other times it seemed to work fine. I discovered another unintended consequence of pressing the buttons before splash screen finishes though: twice it corrupted the display: i.e. when pressing the center button the id3 tag flickered and overlapped with the bouncing frequency bars.

The random shutdowns continue, twice since yesterday, even though my batter is full. It happens on Overdrive audiobooks, not sure if WMA DRM has anything to do with it.

Do you get shutdowns on non-drm wmas and mp3s as well?

Could the Clip+ be running into file problems?  I have seen the Sansa shut down if it freezes up while playing a corrupted file.  To isolate this, try playing the same file, and see if it shuts down or halts at the same point.

Bob  :wink:

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That was a good idea. I tried that, but the second time in played over the same spot no problem. Some quirk in the firmware?  I hope it will be fixed in the next release.

fwiw, I’ve had the Clip+ suddenly stop in the middle of a song a few times (not battery) – though I’ve not had a chance to replay the same track to see if it fails again.

Mine switched itself off this morning.  It came back on after a few minutes and a few attempts at soft resetting (I miss the slide switch, it was easier).  Not the song because when it came back on it was at the point in the playlist where I originally started this morning, so I skipped to the last song I heard when it swtiched down and it played fine (more than once).