Intermittant Problems with Clip +

I have a new Sansa MP3 player that often just randomly shuts down. I am listening to an audiobook downloaded from Audible and it shutdown 3 times in 30 minutes. The next time it ran 30 minutes without stopping. Also the play and pause button is intermittant. The play pause icon will change but playback won’t actually stop. You have to power down the unit. I ran the firmware updater but it says there is no new upgrade, so I assume I have the current version. Is there a way of forcing a re-load of the firmware?

This isn’t completely logical, but check when you turn it on next time - are you immediately hitting play, maybe even before the splash screen is done?  If so, try giving it a couple seconds to finish booting up before hitting play.  I think this is (at least) tied to the play/pause problem, and maybe even the early shut-down. 

Mine shut down about 3 times the first week I had it.  Once I found this “solution” mentioned somewhere in this forum in conjuction with the play/pause problem and I slowed down, this problem seems to have gone away.  I’ve probably had it for 4 months now with no shutdowns since the first week.  It probably is a firmware issue, but I don’t believe it’s been fixed (just avoided). 

@mrentnelli wrote:

Is there a way of forcing a re-load of the firmware?

You can apply/load the firmware manually.  See the firmware upgrade sticky at the top of the forum.