2 questions concerning the famous "Shutdown to Death" bug...

I’ve got a Sansa Clip+ to mainly listen audiobooks (I was very disapointed by the Ipod for this matter, as it regularly loosed the “bookmarks”) for a month and felt very happy with it.

But today while I was in my car for a long travel on a motorway the sudden and total shutdown (no more screen, no more sound, power button out of order) happened in the middle of my book so I couldn’t reset it (a bit dangerous when you drive !) then I finished my boring trip without being able to listen to my audiobook (which was nice !).:angry:

Back home, I came on this forum and find the “reset it” ( “already asked & answered about . . . oh, maybe 1,673 times now” :dizzy_face:) solution, and after some attempts, my Clip+ raised from the dead but…I then losed the “bookmark” of the audiobook I was listening.

Two annoying things, isn’t it ?:cry:

So my two questions are:

  1. Do I have to expect this intempestive shutdown to happen frequently (as this “already asked and answered 1.673 times” can make me fear it) ?

  2. Does the Sansa Team have a clue about this malfunctionning and then could I/we expect a fix for this in a near future by a forthcoming firmware ?

Waiting for the answer to know if I have to go back to my hated Ipod or to stay with my beloved Clip+…:wink:

Best regards.

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I seem to have the same problem. It’s when I listen to the player on a speaker. It happened once before and I thought it had died. All it took last time was charging it up on the computer but now the computer wont even pick it up.

After being reset, following the instructions given in a forum post (Thanks to SpaceJockey: “…held down the HOME button and the Power button simultaneously for about 5 seconds or so. When I did it I hit the Home button a split second before also holding down Power (not that that necessarily mattered). After a few seconds it showed the Sansa flower, and connecting it to the computer it began to charge as normal.”) the Clip+ revived and the computer saw the Clip+ again…

I then made a firmware update (from 01.02.09 to 01.02.15) and for the moment all is ok…

…But it tooks one month the last time for the Clip+ to “brain die” so I’m still afraid to see it (hear it, to be precise) “die” again at some (unexpected) moment.

As my Clip+ was on my pocket (not close to any speaker, cell phone or other possibly disturbing device), after reading several posts on several forums, I suspect:

  • Data corruption from the file I was listening leading to remove this file the next time (I haven’t tested yet this as I can’t remember which file I was listening due to bookmark loss),
  • Data corruption from the Clip+ internal memory leading to try a soft format the next time,
  • A firmware issue which should be fixed (BTW I hope) with the new one I installed. 

Crossing fingers for it to be the last reason…
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Where are the answers?  I had this problem with my old SansClip.  The clip broke and I bought a new “zip,” the only model available at BestBuy.    Although the color display is neat and the buttons reshaped, the functions remain the same **including the ramdom shutdown (**signs of anger and disappointment).

Oh snap!  Those two older links are broken.

The soft reset is a simple matter of holding the power button depressed to restart the player if it freezes up, usually 20 seconds on average.  If the player doesn’t respond, sometimes holding the “home” button together with the power button does the trick.

The power button is the master control(it’s a “hard-wired” input. By giving the player a second control input, like the “home” button, it prompts the device to restart.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: