I was listening to my clip + and it stopped working.

So, I got this on Christmas  Eve, and its been great. I never drop it, or hurt the clip +., but today while I was listening to a song, it turned off. I thought it wasd dead, so I tried connecting it to a computer. The computer won’t even register its plugged in, or that the mp3 is charging at all.

So I then tried to turn it on by presing thewer button. It is still not working, and won’t turn on.

What do I do?

As mentioned in the manual, did you try a reset (hold the power button down for 30 seconds or more)?

Give the “reset” several tries (if it doesn’t work the first time).  Your situation may just be a fluke, but if the problem persists, reinstall the firmware (manually).

Apparently my firmware got corrupted last summer, it was dying ~3x/week as you describe, and it would take up to 10 resets before it would resuscitate, but it always did come back eventually.  Reinstalling the firmware cleared up the problem and it still works fine.