audio book fast forward?

I just bought my clip zip a few days ago and have been listining to audio books on it as i have with my previous 2 sansa’s (first one got old and was time to up date last one fell in the sink and fried)

well listining to my book it skiped i went back to the previous part and tryed to fastforward to see if it just gliched … 

i reached about the half way point and stoped to see if i was getting close and it skiped to the next part 

i thout ok ill just try going slower and i did but lisining to the bits that came up the time says its fast forwarding but the listing bits are not and it still skips about half way to 3/4s of the way through

am i doing some thing wrong ?

and yes i do have the newer download thing 

ok never mind i found it was a problem with the down load and a small glitch that worked it self out when i turned it off sorry and thank you

No problem. Glad we could be of help! :stuck_out_tongue: