Audiobooks Again!

I am a long time SanDisk user. This on going problem should be fixed. Looks like a lot of people have a problem with audio books. In previous models you just change the tag of your book and it worked. Could we update this player with old software?? Sandisk this should be an easy fix to make a LOT of people Happy! I also like listening on fast not able to on new player.

My first Sansa 250 powered by a AAA battery. Then I had a Fuse, best player ever, even watched videos on it. Then I got a clip, small light worked good for Three years. battery started going so I got the Clip sport. So I know my way around these players. I use mp3 tag to retag my books. 

I figured out the speed issue. You have to manually put your book in the audio book folder. Then it will play a little faster when selected. Not as fast as older models. Still no fix for long titles except renaming the files.


SanDisk Clip Sport has very poor software.

Even can’t add bookmarks to audiobooks.

How is it possible to do such bad software at all?

In previous players was possible to upload rockbox.

Battery goog, sound good, but software poooor. Even you can’t see hour :0

Next I’ll try ruizu X50 or 51, has bookmarks.