Book not resuming in correct place

When I listen to a book and then switch to music for a time, then go back to the book I’ve noticed the book “rewinds” to about 10 chapters after selecting “Resume”. Think this has only started to happen recently as I have not noticed it before. Anyone else come across this?

Do you have Chapter Mode turned on in the Audiobook Settings?

Yes. For some reason when I go back to the book it has gone back about 10 chapters. Only happens when switching from music to book. If I pause, or switch off Clip, when listening to the book and later return to it there isn’t a problem as it remembers where it was. But if I pause the book and play music then return to the book it resumes somewhere else.

I have another Clip and just tranferred the book to that along with some music. Does the very same thing. Might be the length of the book that’s causing the problem. It;s over 40 hours with 43 chapters. I’ll download another shorter book and see if the problem persists.

As I thought. Just downloaded a much shorter book at 8 hours. Resumes at the correct place after listening to music. So it would seem it’s the length that’s causing the problem