no longer resumes playback when I turn it back on

I use my SE mainly for listening to podcasts in the car, and when my trip is shorter than the podcast, I want to resume where I left off. Previously, I just turned it off while it was still playing, and when I was ready to resume playing, I turned it back on and it started playing where it left off on its own. Great!

A month or two ago, it stopped recognizing my micro-SD card, so one of the first things I did was update the firmware to the latest one. Turns out it was a bad SD, not the firmware or anything - I got a new one, good to go. But, now it won’t automatically resume playback. I still turn it off while it’s playing, but when I turn it back on, instead of automatically starting to play it goes to the “Music” menu item and I have to navigate to the playlist and the specific file and choose it, and then it will start playing where I left off. 

I thought maybe this was a “feature” that the firmware update “fixed” so I just downgraded to the previous firmware (1.1.05) and it still won’t automatically resume playback.

When I get back in the car, I want to hit one button and have it do its thing like it used to, not sit there for two minutes while it turns on and does its database building thing and then navigate through three menus to find the podcast I was listening to before I can go anywhere…any suggestions?

Hit PAUSE before shutting it off?

Nope…just tried that, it did the same thing - went to “music” and I had to find the playlist and the track I was in the middle of, and it started it from the beginning instead of where I left off like it would have had I shut it off while it was still playing instead of pausing it first.

The filesystem might have been corrupted when the microsd went bad.  First, back up everything on the Express.  Then format it (Settings->Format), reload the files, and try again.  If that doesn’t do the trick, try a reset (Settings->Reset).

BTW, the Clip+ is much nicer than the Express for resuming in audiobooks and such.  They just don’t do so well in the washing machine so I’m stuck with my Express for a bit.  :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip - reformatting seems to have done the trick!