Drive will no longer mount on mac

I just got a Extreme portable ssd and I put some files on it from my imac and plugged it into my macbook pro and I was using a file on it and the drive unmounted and I couldnt get it to remount. Opened disk utility and it faintly showed the drive but I couldnt do anything with it, Anyone know what to do?

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I have exactly the same problem. It wont mount on mac and pc.Have you found a solution?

Plugged into different PC and it worked…and then back into same Mac and it worked. Also saw there were chats on Apple support community and even videos on youtube talking about exFAT working / not working with MACs. If the issue replicates I will update. 

Have you tried flipping the cable? Just flip one end on the computer side.

It’s supposed to be reversible but in my case, sometimes it does not work.

Or try another cable.

I have found if I keep it connected it will show up again, but for me eventually the same thing happens and again I stop working and wait for it to remount. I have the same problem with a Samsung t5 drive

Same problem here. The SanDisk Extreme SSD just unmounted and cannot remount. Only 1 week of use! I’m about to loose a ton of data if I have to format it! I’m desperate!

Same problem here… Drive appears in Disk Utility but doesnt mount. Fails to repair too.
Bought about a week ago.

For me two days later it started working again. I don’t understand but I’m good now


I have the problem - all of a sudden my SSD won’t mount and has lots of data on. Did anyone find a solution to this? Is there anything I can try?


Hi, i have the same problem, in my case i solved reset NVRAM memory
For this restart your mac and press Command + option + p + r

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Hey! I got the same problem with the sandisk extreme portable 500gb.
it connected all ok in my Mac Pro, and at one point the cable just started to get weird and I had to connect and reconnect several times to that the disk appeared in desktop.

now, nothing is working. I tried different cables and another Mac… nothing changes.
can you help please? do you have any ideas?

So did everyone’s drive just die with all the data gone?!

I am having the same issue, suddenly it won’t mount and is greyed out in Disk Utility… Trying to repair just fails. This sucks.

I went back into Disk Utility and now it’s mounting again. Backing up now!!

Had the same issue.

For me, resetting the SMC (System Management Controller) did the trick. Hold Shift + Control + Option + Power Button for about 10 seconds, Extreme SSD mounts correctly after reboot.

Same problem here. I just bought two of the 1GB extreme portable SSDs to use for time machine backup. The first one worked for a bit, but now is “unreadable” and disk utility fails every time I try to erase and reformat. The second one didn’t even get through the first time machine backup before failing. Feel like I just wasted about $250. Can anyone help or just get me a refund?

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Same problem here, SanDisk Extreme SSD 2TB (Ex-FAT), plugged into macbook pro 15-inch mid-2012 running 10.15.7. I had it for a week and used it to store a copy of my Pictures dating from 15 years (files up 95% of the drive!) for quick access in Lightroom when away from my main Hard Drives. Anyways, it stopped mounting even though I can see the drive on Disk Utility. I tried with other macs, same issue. I flipped the cable too. What solved it was to reset NVRAM memory (cmd-opt-p-r on startup). But for how long? Seams like a drag to have to do this every time I need quick access… Anyone knows what the issue is? Will SanDisk provide an explanation and a fix?

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I just bought a new one for a Mac desktop to use with Time Machine for a backup and the drive isn’t showing in the applications folder. I am tempted to return it.

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I don’t understand why we don’t have any response from SanDisk yet on this issue!

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It’s aggravating to say the least. I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one with this issue. :grinning:

My extreme portable ssd shows up on my mac Mini and iPhone but not my iPad Pro. This is so frustrating.

Same issue here, still no response from Sandisk??? Wondering why this forum exists without any official feedback loop.

1tb SSD worked perfectly for a month then suddenly wont appear in finder. I’m on a deadline and was working in Adobe Premiere when suddenly all media went offline and the drive disappeared. I have 2 projects on this drive that are due tomorrow, this is driving me insane.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!