ClipZip freezes, then refuses to start, then strange grid onscreen?

Okay, so, at first I was just having trouble getting my CZ on (it would show the little splash and then logo, but be frozen), and so I went to see what I could do to fix it. And I found the reset trick ( holding the power button down for x seconds), with the same results. And now, I try again to use the reset trick, but this time there is no splash, no logo. Just this weird pattern of lines making a grid all across the screen, and it only stays for as long as I hold the power button. 

I’ve had this thing for just over a week and I’m really worried that I’ve already gone and broke the darn thing. 

It may indeed be hosed, but luckily SanDisk has an excellent replacement warranty. Or, if as you say it’s only a week old, your dealer will probably replace it for you quicker than going through SanDisk.

However, before you write it off you could try formatting it (which will erase all the files you have out on it), and manually updating (or re-installing) the firmware. Note that the Zip will format itself, but as you can’t access the menu, you’ll have to let Windows do it. Just don’t use the “Quick Format” option.

I did try formatting it, but Windows couldn’t complete the formatting, for whatever reason. Luckily, I was able to replace it this afternoon. Thank you for the advice, though!