Brand new Sansa Clip+ often restarts

Hi everybody,
I just bought a brand new Sansa Clip+ and today i recharged it, imported my mp3 correctly and went to run.

As I already had an old 2009 Sansa Clip I’m pretty familiar with the commands, and the 1st thing I did was setting “Shuffle Mode”. As I go for “Play All” the player restarts. Hmm, not that good, but I try not to care. At least now I know it shouldn’t be something related to lock mode, or sleep mode, or backlight settings, or whatever.

As two or three songs correctly end, the player suddenly restarts again. Flower screen, some anger, but I’m on the way now, let’s see what’s going on.

About 5 minutes, at the end of some song or while playing, the player restarts; each time the settings get a reset, as I can always see the “Shuffle” option is off.
In some (rare) case the song was not correctly played as I could hear some fuzz and skip some second.

Two of the times the player went crazy, it wasn’t even a restart. 5 minutes of black screen, not responding to any command, then suddenly started.

I wouldn’t try to reset it, or hard reset it, or upgrade the firmware unless I’m sure it will fix the problem, as I fear it could be a problem for the warranty.

Could it be something related to the names of the songs or the metatags (even if I checked it the most of them and everything seems to be ok)? It seems strange to me as it happens VERY frequently, even in the middle of the play.

I also tried to play a little while during song play (for example using the “Home” button during a song) and often freezes with the current screen.

Firmware version is “V01.02.17A”. All of my songs are saved in the internal memory. As I said, no reset, no format, no firmware update tried. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


I would first update the firmware to the newest, 01.02.18. That has a bug fix in it that may solve your issue. I would recommend manually updating  it though, instead of using the Updater. The simple instructions are in the firmware post linked to.

And don’t worry; updating the firmware, resetting or formatting won’t affect your warranty status.

Was this a “new” unit or a re-furbished one? Many here would like to find one given that it’s been discontinued for some time and there are limited ones on the market today, and it has many advantages over SanDisk’s current offerings, the Sport & Jam models.

And do note that if the player is new, SanDisk has a 1-year warranty on it (2 years in the EU).

Remove the card if there is one in the player, while the player is off. Format the player using the player menu>settings, system settings, format. This will delete all the songs from the player. Set the USB mode on the player to MSC if you don’t plan to use protected files, or to MTP if you need to use protected files. Settings, system settings, USB mode. Before connecting the player and reloading the music, make sure the tags are in the format the player needs. For MP3 files it is ID3V2.3 ISO 8859-1. If you plan to use a card in the player, use one that is class 4 or slower. Faster cards often cause issues. Never insert or remove a card while the player is on.