restarts & begins not on the song it was on when it restarted

Clip+4 w/ 32 GB SD card

This has been going on for a while now, even before the SD card.

I start the player, I listen to or skip a couple of songs, then it restarts (flower icon). It stays on this screen for a second or two, then it comes on. BUT the song it begins on after the restart is not the song it was on when it restarted. The song is infact, drumroll please, the song that it began with before it restarted.

I was deleteing doubles today and it did the same thing, restarted to the flower screen and when it was finally on I found that all my deleting was gone; all of the doubles were still there. It was like I didn’t do anything at all.

What’s happening here? Do I need to reformat the thing? I have a ton of stuff on it and really don’t want to do that but if it will help I will. Do I need to get a replacement? Does anyone else have this problem? HELP!!!:mansad: